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Nursery Home Learning

Activity ideas for Areas of Early Years


  • Match numerals to correct quantities
  • Show an interest in numbers and shapes in the environment (go on a shape and number hunt)
  • Use positional language e.g. under, over, on, next to etc. 
  • Sharing games e.g. at snack time, share pieces of fruit between a group.
  • Counting games
  • Board games e.g. snakes and ladders.


  • Storytelling- what may happen next in the story?
    What would happen at the beginning and end?
    Describe setting and characters.
    Make up stories using toys

Physical Development

  • Independently putting on shoes and clothes.
  • Talking about keeping healthy
  • Tracing
  • Scissor skills
  • Practise letter in the name
  • Using knife and forks correctly. 
  • Toilet Training

Expressive Art and Design

  • Singing songs, nursery rhymes.
  • Tapping out the rhythm (using pots and pans)
  • Colour mixing, recognising and sorting things by colour.
  •  Use a variety of different objects, including construction materials, to create a cave or a home for an animal.
  • Talk about and find different textures in the environment.
  • Junk Modelling


Communication and language

  • Talk about people that help us and what they do.
  • Listening games


Useful websites for Ideas:

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