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Chilworth Church of England

Infant School & Nursery

Curriculum in focus- Physical Education (PE)

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

Physical education aims to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activates, encourage being active for sustained periods of time, and to support children leading healthy, active lives.

 Chilworth Infant School – skills progression in Physical Education


Year 1 Year 2


  • Develop basic game playing skills, e.g. throwing , catching
  • Play competitive games one against one
  • Improve and apply their basic skills in games.
  • Play games that demand simple choices and decisions on how to use space to avoid opponents, keep the ball and score points.
  • Play competitive sports and activities in small teams.




  • Children investigate movement, stillness and how to find and use space safely.
  • Explore basic gymnastic actions on the floor and basic vault apparatus. 
  • Copy or create , remember and repeat short movements phrases of linked actions
  • Children focus on increasing their range of basic gymnastic skills using floor, vault and apparatus.
  • Create simple sequences of actions on the floor, e.g. a roll, jump and a shape.





  • Children focus on spatial awareness and being able to move confidently and safely in their own and general space whilst exploring basic agility, balance and coordination skills.
  • Create and repeat a variety of short dances inspired by a range of stimuli.
  • Explore, remember, repeat and link a range of actions with coordination and control. Compose and perform dance phrases and short dances that express and communicate moods, ideas and feelings.
  • Work individually, in pairs, small groups and as a whole class.






  • Explore running, jumping and throwing activities and take part in simple challenges and competitions
  • Experiment with different ways of travelling, throwing and jumping, increasing their awareness of speed and distance.
  • Children explore running, jumping and throwing activities and take part in challenges and competitions with increasing levels of difficulties.
  • Children experiment with different ways of travelling throwing and jumping, increasing their awareness of speed and distance.



  • Develop water confidence
  • Practice basic leg and arm strokes with/without arm bands
  • Understand the dangers around water
  • Continue to develop both leg and arm skills started in year 1
  • Swim un-aided for increasingly longer time