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Curriculum in Focus- Music

Music inspires one of the highest forms of creativity and is life enchancing whether there is a love of classical, pop or jazz. Pupils should be introduced to a wide range of recorded music whilst exploring their own musical expression through singing, playing instruments or through dance. Music is medicine for the mind.

 Chilworth Infant School – skills progression in Music

Year 1 and 2

Sing songs with control and using the voice expressively

  • Find their singing voice and use their voice confidently
  • Sing a melody accurately at their own pitch
  • Sing with a sense of awareness of pulse and control of rhythm 
  • Recognise phrase lengths and know when to breathe
  • Sing songs expressively
  • Follow pitch movements with their hands and use high, low and middle voices.
  • Being to sing with control of pitch
  • Sing with an awareness of other performers.
Listening, memore and movement
  • Recall and remember short songs and sequences and patterns of sounds
  • Repond physically when performing , composing and appraising music
  • Identify different sound sources. 
  • Identify well defined musical features.

Controlling pulse and rhythm

  • Identify the pulse in different pieces of music 
  • Identify the pulse and join in getting faster and slower together. · Identify long and short sounds in music
  • Perform a rhythm to a given pulse
  • Begin to internalise and create rhythmic patterns
  • Accompany a chant or song by clasping or playing the pulse of rhythm.
Exploring sounds, melody and accompaniment
  • Explore different sounds sources
  • Make sounds and recongise how they can give a message
  • Identify and name classroom instruments
  • Create and chose sounds in response to a given stimulus
  • Identify how sounds can be changed.
  • Change sounds to reflect different stimuli
Control of instruments
  • Play instruments in different ways and create sounds effects.
  • Handle and play instruments with control
  • Identify different groups of instruments.
Performance skills
  • Perform together and follow instructions that combine the musical elements.