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Chilworth Church of England

Infant School & Nursery

Curriculum in focus- History

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

Chilworth Infant School – skills progression in History

Year 1 Year 2

Chronological understanding

  • Sequence events in their own life 
  • Sequence 3 or 4 artefacts from distinctively different periods of time 
  • Match objects to people of different ages.
  • Sequence artefacts closer together in time
  • Sequence events
  • Sequence photographs etc. from different periods of their life.
  • Describe memories of key events in their lives

Range of depth of historical knowledge

  • Recognise the difference between the past and present in their own and others’ lives.
  • Know and recount episodes from stories about the past.
  • Find out about people and events in other times
  • Recognise why people did things, shy events happened and what happened as a resultIdentify differences between ways of life at different time.

Interpretations of history

  • Begin to identify different ways to represent the past ( photos, stories, adult talking about the past )
  • Distinguish between fact and fiction using stories
  • Compare adults talking about the past – how reliable are their memories.
  • Compare two versions of a past event.
  • Compare pictures of photographs of people or events in the past discuss the reliability of photos and account, stories
  • Identify different ways to represent the past.
Historical enquires
  • Sort artefacts then and now
  • Find answers to simple questions about the past from different resources (artefacts, photographs and stories)
  • Use a source – ask questions why what is who how and where and find answers.

Organisation and communication

Communicate their knowledge through :

  • Discussion
  • Timelines
  • Drawing
  • Drama
  • Writing
  • ICT

Communicate their knowledge through:

  • Class displays
  • Annotate photographs
  • Writing
  • ICT