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Chilworth Church of England

Infant School & Nursery

Curriculum in Focus- Design and Technology

Design and technology aim to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

Chilworth Infant School – skills progression in Design technology


Year 1 Year 2

Developing, planning and communicating ideas

  • Draw on their own experience to help generate ideas
  • Suggest ideas and explain what they are going to do
  • Identify a target group for what they intend to design and make
  • Model their ideas in card and paper
  • Develop their design ideas applying findings from their earlier research
  • Generate ideas by drawing on their own and other people’s experiences
  • Develop their design ideas through discussion, observation, drawing and modelling
  • Identify a purpose for what they intend to design and make
  • Identify simple design criteria
    Make simple drawings and label parts

Working with tools, equipment, material and components to make quality products ( inc-food )

  • · Make their design using appropriate techniques
  • With help measure, mark out , cut and shape a range of materials
  • Use tools e.g. scissors and a hole punch safely
  • Assemble, join and combine materials and components together using a variety of temporary methods e.g. glues or masking tape
  • Select and use appropriate fruit and vegetables, processes and tools
  • Use basic food handling, hygienic practices and personal hygiene
  • Use simple finishing techniques to improve the appearance of their product
  • Begin to select tools and materials, use vocab to name and describe them
  • Measure , cut and score with some accuracy
  • Use hand tools safely and appropriately
  • Assemble, join and combine materials in order to make a product
  • Cut, shape and joint fabric to make a simple garment. Use basic sewing techniques
  • Follow safe procedures for food safety and hygiene
  • Choose and use appropriate finishing techniques.