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Chilworth Church of England

Infant School & Nursery

Autumn 1

The children have really enjoyed their first week in Red Robin Class. It has been lovely to see them back with their friends and excited to learn. The children have been busy this week taking part in lots of fun activities including; drawing, painting and tracing, Lego, junk modelling and construction, water play, marble run, parachute games and team building activities. We have also been doing a lot of circle time to get to know each other and discuss our class rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

This week we have been learning about letters. We have been recapping the name of each letter and the sound they make. We have also been matching, tracing and writing lower case and capital letters.

We went on a word hunt and found a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. 

In maths we have been counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers. We have been making a given number of apples out of playdough to go on a tree, looking for numbers in the water tray and putting them in order, catching magnetic fish and saying the number written on them, threading a given number of beads onto pipe cleaners and practising writing numbers in crayon and chalk. 

Our topic this half term is 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. We will be learning all about ourselves, our bodies and how to keep healthy.

We spoke about and wrote about our likes and dislikes; things that make us feel happy, sad, angry and worried; and ways in which we are the same and different.

We painted our own self-portraits and looked at some famous portraits.  


We learnt about Picasso and created some Picasso inspired portraits. 

We have been learning about our bodies and worked as a team to label a body.

We had great fun exploring colour mixing with our hands!

This week we have been learning about our senses and carrying out a range of sense tests. We had great fun guessing what food was in each smell pot and we were really good at identifying different sounds.

In maths we have been measuring length using non-standard units.

This half term we have been counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers.