School Council


The school council endeavours to give the children at Chilworth Infant School a ‘voice’. They will be given the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas on things that matter to them. All children will be involved by contributing their suggestions. These suggestions will be discussed at fortnightly school council meetings. The School Councillors will feedback from these meetings to their class and to the whole school during assembly times. 

Why Have a School Council?

The idea of a school council at this age is to encourage children to develop their confidence and responsibility as a ‘citizen’ of the school. They will be encouraged to recognise what they like and dislike, what is fair and unfair and what is right and wrong. They will take part in debates on issues that are of particular interest to the pupils in the school. The children will begin to gain a greater insight into being part of a group, class, school, family and community. They will investigate how to make choices that improve their health and well-being. A very important aspect of school council meetings is being able to listen to other people and respect their views, beliefs and feelings. They will gain the skills needed to work cooperatively with others.

Who Can Be a Councillor?

Any child in the school can become a school councillor. Three or four children will be elected by their teacher. The councillors will serve one term.

The Benefits of a School Council

We aim to give our children the opportunity to become more independent and responsible. They will begin to realise that they can play an active role in the life of the school. I believe that the children will begin to take a real interest in their school’s development. They will begin to realise that their ideas and views will contribute to changes that occur at their school. The children will benefit greatly in all aspects of their personal and social development. I am very excited about the future of the school council. I have been very impressed with all the suggestions already put forward by the children at the school


















Comments from past councillors

"I enjoy being a school councillor because I get to choose what goes into the pond." Matthew

"It is fun! I ask a lot of questions. I want to see the pond." Katie

"I love being a school councillor because you get to be in charge of the school!" Ellie

"I love being a school councillor because it's fun and we get to organise everything, like lunchtime." Daniel

"I like being a school councillor because I like giving my ideas to the school." Nicholas

"I enjoy being a school councillor because I enjoy giving my ideas and if they are good enough we can have them, like the Quiet Area." Mitchell

"I think being a school councillor is fun and I reckon we want a pond and we take care of the school." Charlotte